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This fan account is so bad omg it’s gonna be a mess because the day was just very chaotic. It’ll also be extremely CNBLUE biased (then again, this is a CNBLUE blog after all haha) but especially Yonghwa (because naturally I saw him the most since he was one of the three MCs). I’ll add stuff if I remember (I forgot a lot of events already) and there will be typos lol

Again, sorry for the small ass font. Please DL xkit if you haven’t already and enable the “Read More” function so you can read straight from the dash ^^
And if you don’t have tumblr but you’re reading this, then I’m really sorry but you’ll have to magnify the zoom on your screen or smth haha

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CNBLUE 04.12.2014

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KWAVE Pic (image without texts) CNBLUE

credit to KWAVE mag via @unexpected​